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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Captain Claus wrote: View Post
Aside from the length, it sounds the same to me. What differences are you hearing? I can't find a similar cue in the library tracks.
The same four string notes are there, but another two-note phrase overlaps the sustained fourth note, while in the bit in question, the fourth note just holds and fades out.

Dalen Quaice wrote: View Post
That version of the cue (in Track 17) plays earlier in Spock's Brain, right after McCoy calls Kirk to Sickbay.
Which isn't proof of anything by itself, since it's not unprecedented for a cue written for one scene to be tracked into a different scene in the same episode -- for instance, if the decision is made late in the process that the cue written for that moment is inadequate and needs to be replaced (as we know happened several times in TOS), or if there was no cue written for it but the decision is made in editing that it needs music after all.
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