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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

Well, that goes to show how little Sherlock Holmes I've watched prior to now.

I watched a few BAFTA clips. Sherlock itself has won for best drama series. Freeman's won as best supporting actor for 2011--he is one funny guy. Andrew Scott's Moriarty won as best supporting actor in 2012--he's a strikingly soft spoken guy who morphs somehow into an unstable psycho. The only one who hasn't won is Cumberbatch himself, which is damnably odd.

When Dominic West (the 2012 winner for lead) actually jokes that his own sister is "crying her eyes out that you didn't win, Ben" during his acceptance speech--that's some funny shit. Apparently it's been a subject of discussion.

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