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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"


Thanks for reading and always commenting. I really appreciate the feedback. It was a tough haul, I had wanted to get it finished by December 31, but I guess the first day of 2013 is a good consolation.

Though I could tweak it further, I'm not. I am pretty satisfied with the results. Tai Donar has been a character that I hadn't really given much focus to and was glad that Gibraltar's Refugee Crisis idea gave me that opportunity, in addition to also revisiting the Erickson and fleshing out its crew. I've grown fond of them while writing this story. I would like to continue their adventures, but not sure yet when or how that's going to come about. Sometimes I worried that the story was getting away from him and his arc, so I tried to reestablish that. I also wanted to build a little on his relationship with Juanita, contrasting it to some extent with his failed marriage to Andraste.

As for Andraste, she is a loose end and I generally don't like loose ends. So if the right story idea comes along, you will see her again.

I'm very pleased that you liked the predestination paradox with the Tholians. I thought it would be a neat twist to have Narskene's crew wind up being the ones who started it all.

It was great fun writing the Tholians, even though I started developing them late in the series. I had been wanting to do a Tholian story for a long time but hadn't really come across a good way to use them.

With the recently minted Admiral Glover, I've been trying to figure out a good story angle for him. I haven't quite arrived at it yet, but expect to see him if in some form or fashion in other stories.

What's next? I do have to rewrite "Shadow Puppets" and to finish "Hero of the Federation". I intend to do those, and maybe add some additional vignettes to "Signs & Portents" to lead into "Hero". I also have some old stories I want to update that I might post sometime hopefully soon.
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