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The STAR TREK III-Love & Appreciation Thread

Every so often someone has to start a thread lauding Trek III is their favorite of the TOS movies. Guess I'm that person today

Seriously there is so much to love about this movie it always amazes me to see it generally low on favorite lists. Let's recap what we've got.

*The final icing on the cake that the crew is more than that but a family that they are willing to lay their lives & futures on the line just to save Spock's Katra...they don't even know about the rebirth on Genesis.

*We get not one but two new starship designs and a Spacedock design that endured all the way up until the curtain came down on NEMESIS.

*Had David not died we got a look at what it could have been like having new blood (David & Saavik) mixed in with the old crew. (It was admittedly a mistep losing David like that & then Saavik the next movie)

*We get bad ass Klingons up to no good as what you would expect from Klingons before all later retconning that they are
an "honorable" people. (Besides the TNG retconning I read a Genesis Wave book that basically said that Kruge was "Rogue" and that's why he committed his evil deeds. Give me a break.)

The list could go on and on but I'll end it with writing about the destruction of the Enterprise. No matter how many times I see the movie I still get chills during the "stealing the Enterprise sequence (One of THEY best sequences of any Trek movie) when I see the Enterprise gliding away from Spacedock knowing that this is the final mission of the ship that survived the energy barrier, being shrunk down to the size of a model, Doomsday machines and giant space ameobas to name a few but this time it would not be coming back. On a side note points have to be deducted for Paramount spoiling the destruction in the trailers!

All and all...a wonderful effort on all involved and very underrated.
Sawyer on LOST-The Long Con

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