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I finally saw Grenn Lantern, not as bad as I expected.

So, we have free HBO and Stars until 02/28/2013, and my sons and I finally watch the Green Lantern Movie. It was not as bad as everyone stated.

Ryan as Hal Jordan was almost believable, I mean the guy is a hot jock fighter pilot (didn't anyone see Top Gun?).

The story line was a little weak, but it is about a superhero not named Bruce or Clark (Or Peter Parker) for that mater. So, they had to have some back story. Which I had to explain to me son (14 yer old).

On a side not, HBO providing us with free services for two months, on the hope that I will keep it is actually to back fire. I wanted to stop the movie to explain stuff to my boy, but remembered this wasn't net flex or even a DVD I could "rewind", man that was frustrating. I couldn't even pause it to get a Dr. Pepper, or go to the bathroom. Man after having net flex, watching movies on HBO just sucks.

Back to the original premise, I thought the movie could have been better, but over all was a decent movie. Ryan could pull off being in the JLA movie, just not one of the big three stars (Batman, Superman and of couser not wonderwoman). Meaning the movie would have to center around those three, and everyone else would be 2nd stringers.
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