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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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First of all, I've worked in the entertainment business myself so I know a lot about what sort of business which goes on behind the curtains, not only nice things.

Maybe. But aren't there higher and more valuable things than pure profit, such as honesty, decency and respect for other people? Or have our civilization lowered ourselves to the same level as the Ferengi?

No, you can't please everyone. But you can at least avoid insulting too many. As for "Fury" I see no reason at all to come up with that horrible episode at all if it wasn't meant to be a deliberate "finger" to the Kes fans, especially those who dared to defy the gods by participating in a letter campaign for re-instating of the character. The story in "Fury" had no importance of effect at all to the ongoing Voyager story and it didn't affect or mean anything to later events in the series. There was no reason to come up with it in the first place.

Another evidence that they had little contact with and no interest of the world outside their own little group for internal admiration.

It's a bit difficult to have a mature adult conversation with someone who constantly blame the character Kes for everything that was possibly wrong with Voyager. First of all, there was no reason to dump Kes due to low ratings. Since Voyager was the third in a row with Star Trek series, they should have realized that Voyager never would reach such high ratings as TNG. Second, adding Seven did only temporary increase the ratings for the show, after season 4 they became lower than they had been in season 1-3. Third, they could have added Seven and kept Kes, fourth, they could have dumped Kim or Neeelix who were less popular than Kes, fifth, the actors who played Naomi, Icheb and Vorik didn't work for free so why have them in each and every episode if they were so tight on money and sixth, they could have kept the season 1-3 crew unchanged since Voyager after all did have decent ratings and there was no risk that it should be cancelled.

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I don't even know how this relates to anything.
It has everything to do with this. Are we no better than Ferengis?
"is there anything higher or more valuable than pure profit"
I think if you have to ask that when talking business and economics, then it just shows how important a good education is for the how and whys of the world around us.
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