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Re: Babylon 5 or Lexx?

^^ It is.

Well, the decision's been made, but I'll weigh in anyway, since these are both among my favorite shows. Basically, as has been said, they are way too different to be comparable.

Babylon 5 is classic SF-slanted Space Opera in an Asimovian vein, with big, epic ideas, lots of interesting characters and a storyline that spans centuries. In terms of quality, it is on the same level as stuff like Star Trek, Stargate and Firefly (and the special effects are fine-- people complain about them being primitive, but the bottom line is that the show looks beautiful, like the original Star Trek).

Lexx is classic Adventure-slanted Space Opera in a somewhat twisted Jack Vance vein. It's clever, funny and very exotic-- although not as erotic as people seem to think (at least not on my erotic-o-meter). The characters are very weird, but mostly lovable. In terms of quality, it is the equal of Star Trek and Babylon 5-- season three and The Lost Tales respectively.

And the series finales of both are tear jerkers.
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