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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

I noticed you criticise and refuse the information without giving anything else in return.
I just wish to point out that there is nothing classifiable as "information" to begin with, and you'd do wisely not to imply that there is.

The technologically more advanced vessels have better shields and weapons allowing some of them to survive the assault.
We don't really see this happen. Rather, we see ships die at an alarming rate without achieving anything much; for all we know, the Cube at Wolf 359 was identically damaged, but triumphed nevertheless. The only reason the engagement in ST:FC lasted longer might have been because more ships were involved, and it simply took the Borg a longer time to destroy 298 ships than it took to destroy 39.

Sure, different ships probably have different capabilities. Else why build different ships? But by the same token, not every ship can be "the best", and there is no reason to think the most advanced would be the best combatant. Nothing indicates the Intrepid class would have combat merit, as surely we would have seen it fighting in the Dominion War if it was worth anything. We never did. We did see her in courier duty, which suits well her dialogue-acknowledged high speed.

The Defiant did avoid most hits
Where do we see her avoid being hit? Star Trek battles do not generally involve misses (except when Klingons are spraying'n'praying with their disruptors). But ships do appear to hold fire to a surprising degree, perhaps exactly because they don't want to waste shots on something that could turn out to be a miss. However, the amount of fire the Defiant received did not differ from the amount of fire received by background ships one way or the other. It just happened that some background ships died spectacularly when hit, while others and the Defiant did not.

Timo Saloniemi
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