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Favorite Season Two Episodes

I just finished rewatching the second season of TNG. Wondering what everyone else's favorite episodes are. My favorites, from best to worst, are the following:

1. The Emissary: Wonderful guest character, great romance plot, all around a solid character drama.

2. The Icarus Factor: I loved the father-son settle old score plot, as well as Riker's promotion. It led to some great development for Riker. I also liked the way other cast members were utilized. Pulaski's connection to his father, Troi's sadness at the prospect of Riker leaving, etc.

3. Manhunt: An all around fun and fun(ny) episode.

4. Time Squared: A very dark, serious, and suspenseful mystery plot.

5. The Child: A great episode of firsts! Introducing Guinan, Ten Forward, and one of my favorite characters, Doctor Pulaski. I enjoy the main plot of this episode more than most, particularly the ending. Saying goodbye to Troi's son may have been super touchy feely, maybe even too much for most, but I can't deny it brought a tear to my eye!

What are everyone else's favorite episodes of season two?
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