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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Hi guys,

Just to return us to an unanswered question I raised earlier in the thread if we could please ...

One of the first CDs I turned to was Spock's Brain. It's a favourite score of mine. However, I can't seem to find one particular piece. I always assumed it was from Spock's Brain but I can't find it either in the main score or on the library cues. It is repeated many times during the latter part of season three. The piece I am referring to is first played in the sickbay scene in that episode (just after McCoy has said "The brain lives on, but there is no mind!" and then during Kirk and Scotty's "That girl" "Ay"...).
So I'm assuming the short bit 33 seconds into "Awakening / Poor Spock" is different from what you're looking for?
No, it's slightly different to that.
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