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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

[QUOTE=JoeD80;7478341]Yay more Babylon 5 fans! Glad you are enjoying it. FYI for some reason the first season episode "Believers" is not available on that web-site. (That one goes between Deathwalker and Survivors in the original run)./QUOTE]

This is very good info to know. Thanks.

Do I need to watch "The Gathering"? I figured I was missing something when jumping right into year two of the space station, but it made enough sense to me.

The show is nice because it's clearly a 90s sci-fi show, which is great. The 90s had some fun sci-fi. It kind of reminds me of TNG meets Red Dwarf (The sets have a familiar feel) meets DS9. Not to start that debate but the two have very similar structure, a common space for the aliens to meet and shop, a wormhole / hyperdrive entrance.
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