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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

This was one of the last few movies I saw to close out 2012 and I went in not knowing anything about the character. Had to read somewhere that this is based on a book series. Didn't look or hear by accident but is this movie based on one of he books?

I didn't vote in the poll cause it's hard to be yes/no/maybe about a character you've never heard of before.

I didn't go in with any expectations. Was it going to be an action film, a drama, a thriller or some hybrid. I came out thinking it was a bit like Taken, in that Reacher is a fluid ass kicker who knows his way around situations and Sherlock Holmes in that he's this wiz bang ace of a detective who draws the right conclusion from a seemingly indiscernible cacophony of evidence. I did think they should've somehow circled back to the company that had hired out the killers but we'd have needed to be introduced to them already. Maybe a headline then? It seems the real thrust was proving that the framed sniper Barr was innocent, when Reacher was initially sure he was guilty. Once that was resolved the details concerning the larger conspiracy are just assumed to fall into the necessary pockets of justice.

I'd be interested in more Jack Reacher.
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