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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

Hathaway is literally the same set piece, too.
...But with exciting asymmetry. What do you think that emergency ladder pillar thingamabob was all about? Something that would descend from the ceiling for purposes of evacuation or maintenance, and be neatly stowed away in all but the most derelict ships? An intruder control system designed to knock out people who would assume the main entry door would be unobstructed?

There's one TNG pulpit up on the central pedestal, next to the CO chair, and one down to port, only barely glimpsed. Would there be another to starboard, perhaps? And how big is the viewscreen, with our heroes looking rather high up at it in some scenes, but down from Riker's eye level in others?

Also was the C one of the first ships constructed?
She sports the hemispherical ramscoops also witnessed on USS Excalibur (because of stock footage reuse) but not on USS Zhukov. She also has a slightly differently positioned saucer, apparently because the stagehands or whomever weren't able to put the model back together properly after first disassembly. So if we believe in the (somewhat disputable) registries of these other two vessels, we can see the Enterprise is a closer match to the one with the lower registry, designwise. So, yes, quite possibly one of the first ships of the class constructed!

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