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Re: "Enemy Within" - Scotty to blame?

Otherwise we'd have multiple engine rooms or sick bays.
Multiple engine rooms is a highly desirable thing to have. After all, Engineering is repeatedly described as a vast maze where the villains of the week can hide basically indefinitely; no single set would ever match the description, and even a location shoot in a brewery only scratches the surface of what this really means.

And the more rooms McCoy has, the merrier. Only three beds for convalescent patients? Doubling as diagnostics units for incoming patients? There are bound to be more rooms like this elsewhere, as the facility is supposed to handle casualties in addition to the routine ailments. Much as with the DS9 Promenade set, one would assume the existing arc of rooms to represent something like one-third of the overall Sickbay complex.

You have to draw the line somewhere
Well, that's easily drawn: right between Star Trek and LiS!

One transporter room in the original series. Otherwise, they could have beamed down both landing parties simultaneously in The Apple.
Why? It's not a synchronized swimming contest. If Kirk were assaulting a fortified position or something, then it might be necessary to get everybody down simultaneously. But when there's no hurry, it's obviously much better to have the entire team gather in the same transporter room for briefing and equipping, and then beam down at whatever rate is convenient. Plus, it might be an "Advance team sends all clear, bring down the Doctor" sort of a deal anyway; Kirk was worried about contact with the locals from the very beginning.

It's not a question of only being able to beam six people at a time, that much we know: nine were beamed up simultaneously in "Day of the Dove". And the number of pads is unrelated to the number of items being transported, or their positioning, as witnessed every time cargo, or people unable to stand up straight, are being processed. (Although "Where No Man" does seem to indicate that the only way to survive being transported is to stand upright and keep your arms tucked in - even unconscious people are required to do so! This is contradicted in many episodes thereafter.)

"Meet me in THE transporter room." If there were more than one, someone would have asked "um, which one, Cap'n."
Floating date. They'd know a priori.


I think that "shuttlecraft" is also the word when describing them in plural
Sure. But the singular is also used in the "floating date" sense. For example in "Immunity Syndrome":

Kirk: "Very well. Prepare the shuttlecraft for launching."
This is not a craft whose identity would be known at that point, but a generic example from the lot, admittedly to be fitted with mission gear and thus made unique but only following Kirk's command.

Even better, somewhat earlier on in the episode:

Kirk: "The closer we get [to the monster of the week], the faster our energy drains out. We're barely surviving at this distance."
McCoy: "Perhaps we could risk the shuttlecraft. Perhaps with a protective shield-"
McCoy clearly says "the" here. He's not talking about risking a fleet of shuttlecraft; only a single craft would be involved, with "a" shield. But no shuttlecraft have been mentioned in the dialogue prior to this; the definite article is used just like our heroes use it with the transporter, turning a known "multiple choice" issue into something sounding quite unlike one.

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