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Birth of the Breen Confederacy

Now that we know, at least in TrekLit, that the Breen Confederacy consists dozen different species thanks to the Typhon Pact series and Cold Equations I wonder how they possibly came about and evolved to their present state of affairs as of Cold Equations.

My theory is perhaps as various species that now comprise the Breen became warp capable they began fighting a series of deadly race wars. Perhaps over time these wars or conflicts became so destructive with no decisive outcome that the surviving races banded together (perhaps in response to some external threat that forced this response).

Now at the formation of this nascent coalition someone decided that to prevent the discrimination that led to these destructive race wars the idea of masks and being judged by merits alone (and not species, sex, attractiveness, etc...) was a good idea and voila the suits and masks were born.

Any thoughts on how the species diverse Breen Confederacy may have been born?
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