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Re: The Doctor and Mao Zedong

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This is something that I've always wondered - before we "caught up" with the First Doctor - he was already pretty much well known in the universe and had this really full life, adventures that he had and people he met - and that was still his "first" form?

Or did he just age like 800 years in past 50 years?

Plus considering that Mao's time wasn't THAT far before the 63 debut of Dr. Who... it's an interesting character flaw/trait the Doctor used to sympathize/admire/befriend tyrants...
The TV series only rarely suggests that the First Doctor is well known. The Daleks only pursue him after he has beaten them twice. There are a few mentions of planets he has already been and The Savages where he is already known on that planet but that's about it.

The Doctor being famous and influential comes later.
I hope the new series will continue with the Doctor being unknown. Even with a million years and a time machine, you could only get around to an infinitesimally small part of the universe. This business of the Doctor being recognized all over high heaven just seems like an awfully small universe.
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