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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

Yay more Babylon 5 fans! Glad you are enjoying it. FYI for some reason the first season episode "Believers" is not available on that web-site. (That one goes between Deathwalker and Survivors in the original run).

(oh also, apparently amazon Canada has the sets for $10 canadian, so start ordering!)

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So I know some minor things like Sinclair isn't in command in the later season.
Sinclair does appear a couple more times.

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If you go to Za'hadum you will die (No clue what that means)
That will be explained.

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that seasons 2-4 deal with the Shadows War
There're a lot of other plots going on there in the middle seasons. Also the shadows are set up in season one, and the fallout of the whole war is still felt in season five.

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the last season is almost a spinoff in a way because everything closed up in the end of season 4.
The fifth season is definitely about the same characters and there are threads that aren't wrapped up until that season; particularly there is quite a bit in the final stretch of about nine episodes.
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