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Reunification 25 Years After Star Trek The Next Generation

I've just finished watching season 2 on blu ray and just also just finished watching the extras on the blu ray. I have really enjoyed the reunification 25 years documentary some really good stuff here that I enjoyed only one thing that bugged me I loved seen the cast again and how they consider themselves a family all having a laugh and giving there personal past moments but where was Denise Crosby ?? I know she only did one season but she was still a big part of TNG !!! Was she asked did she decline ??

Apart from that is a really good documentary loved how gene didn't want Patrick and how frakes spoke to gene and told frakes about in the 24th century they would be no hunger or greed and every child on earth would be able to read !!! Wow that really got me what a genius of a guy who viewed the future in such a great way and positive outlook . !!!

Some other good jems as well marina really getting emotial about the past and what impact it had on people and life.

If you have watched this already please feel free to comment on what you like and why ??
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