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Re: Anyone have any good reason for ship registry changes?

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Huh? In all Star Trek, there have been four Saratogas:

-A ship mentioned as the previous assignment of one of Trip's engineers in Enterprise.
-The Miranda class ship seen in the opening of Trek IV.
-The other Miranda class ship Sisko served on in the opening scene of Emissary.
-A ship of unknown design mentioned in TNG's sixth season and DS9's sixth season.

There has never been a Nebula class Saratoga.
I always thought the Saratoga in STIV and Sisko's were the same ship. Why would they be cranking out new Miranda's in the 24th century? I always just had the impression they were freaking mass produced so much in the 23rd century that they were refitted to lesser roles in the 24th century rather than just retiring a huge number of ships all at once and leaving a void. Transport ships, science vessels and such things though the Dominion war required them putting every hull they could in action.

As for the one from DS9 that was mentioned in You are Cordially Invited, I assumed it was Nebula class too being one of the DS9 clips that episode showed a Nebula docked at the station and members of it's crew were at Dax's party.
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