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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

Welcome to Babylon 5, it's my absolute favorite show (just in front of DS9 and Farscape)

Many new viewers find S1 a bit tough to slog through, so, it's good to hear you're up to Mind War and enjoying it, it only gets better as it goes along, and yea, one reason why S1 is tough for some folks is because there is so much "Universe Building" and laying out the foundation of he arc, so stuff that seems like it should be followed up, is left lying dormant, sometimes for several seasons, but, almost every door opened by the Arc is followed up on, there's only a couple of times where Real Life caused something to go nowhere. For the most part though, JMS' rule was "If someone uses a Gun in Act 3, you need to show it on the wall in Act 1, and if you show it on the Wall, it needs to be used" (Paraphrased, not necessarily exact quote)
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