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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Didn't quiet get to the end of S3 as I had hoped over the Holiday break. Almost though. Too many movies and social time with out of town friends. I'll try to keep my thoughts on them short since it's so many at one time. The new eps I watched though are:

3x10-Forever in a Day: So the bottom line is that the entirety of this episode happens in Daniel's mind only to awaken and re-witness the reality that Sha'rae is actually killed. Now since her body was kept by the SGC and there is no "we never see the body" are we really killing her off already?

3x11-Past and Present: I knew we'd have to revisit "The Destoyer of Worlds", or at least hoped we would. Good bit of writing here as it allowed for a recasting of the role AND put Daniel into a love story right after Sha'rae's death. The amnesia angle is a good one but I have to feel as uncertain as Jack that this is a solid solution. I still fear Kira(can't remember her 'Destroyer' name off hand, Kira though I can).

3x12-Jolinar's Memories: Once again going to Hell, or the Egyptian version controlled by Sokar. Don't like this guy. We get to see what Jolinar looked like via flashback, kinda like seeing other Dax hosts. Then of course the big reveal at the end...Apophis lives. Even if he is all Robocop-ified looking.

3x13-The Devil You Know: To shorten this up I'm still left going Apophis lives....Egyptian Hell moon's core overloads, blows up....Apohopis is dead again? Is this guy the Kenny of the SG-1 world or what?!!

3x14-Foothold: Another alien race like the Re'tu that caught the SGC off guard but successfully overtook the mountain. I'm not sure we learned the name of this race who looked something like modified Breen soldiers just with a bit more color. I really liked the episode though as it made me want to like Mayborne a little bit.

3x15-Pretense: The episode felt heavily like Measure of a Man from TNG where Data has to defend: is he himself or property. Here Ska'ar is on trial to be himself or cattle for Gou'ald bonding as they see fit. Plus side note is thanks to Teal'c they save the Tolian planet from their own hubris.
Are the Nox the Vulcan equivalent of the Stargate universe, I'm tilting that way.

3x16-Urgo: The comedy episode to break up so much tense drama. I was alright with it but indifference is probably the best word for me. The one in-joke that did snap me to a few seconds of attention was the Dom DeLuise presto changeo into his son Peter when Urgo made himself look younger and more dapper.

3x17-A Hundred Days: Another show about humans still living as primitive as they were when they were taken. This episode allows for the idea once again the love has found Jack. If it weren't for Urgo this would've been a mediocre story but it followed it so I liked it more than probably normal but can still see it as a lesser installment.

3x18-Shades of Grey: What this episode did nicely was take a throw away relationship like Jack had in A Hundred Days combine that with the "technology" issue with the Tolians in Pretense and make me despise Mayborne all over again as it rightfully should be!! My first thought was that this might be an episode laying ground work for Atlantis with another team using a Stargate. Guess not.

3x19-New Ground: I really liked this episode. It had that feel of "how would you act if your faced with a reality that threatens the truths you know". Those truths can be anything and in the context of ones origins(as if often the case in this show for some worlds) on this planet it would halt a war and prove one whole continent is wrong. That may died for nothing.
Since the military is going to seize the Gate and cover up the events is there reason to believe we ever come back here? Depends on if this Nyan guy is going to really become some semi-recurring character as Daniel's researcher I suppose.
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