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What I get from this story is that Bond doesn’t care about saving people other than his boss (and BTW, he doesn't actually manage to save anyone in the movie), MI6 is endangering the world more than it’s actually protecting it, and M, who would be completely unlikeable if she weren’t played by Judi Dench, puts MI6 above everything and is ready to sacrifice anyone’s life, except her own.
How odd given that both Bond and M make it clear that they go off on their own to Skyfall because too many other people are dying. They basically paint big targets on themselves then go off to a remote locatiion precisely in order to protect others.
Which while sounding selfless, just comes off as stupid, like they've seen HIGH NOON and, even though the context is utterly & completely different, they need to step into Gary Cooper's boots. Avoiding innocents being killed is one thing, but how about SAS-types, where 'risk is their business' to paraphrase JTK? They could have done the same bread crumb trail thing to Scotland, and had SAS standing by out of range INDEFINITELY until Bardem moved in. You can keep claiming that his character has access to all information and data, but that kind of writing ploy used in excess becomes ridiculous - which is how ALL of SKYFALL played for me. You hide bad writing in an allegedly serious story, then run back and claim 'this is escapism' when people pick it out. But the rest of the time you claim better and more realistic, when your plot points are as arbitrary as the clues that led Roger Moore from Paris to South America in MR.
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