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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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No Randi, though. So not an exact recreation - and the next movie adds Carol Marcus to the crew and Chekov becomes a redshirt. Things aren't going quite the same.
Which is fine, of course.

ST09 obviously streamlined things to get the seven everyone knows together (which is more an homage to the movies than TOS, which was hardly an ensemble cast).
So, gone were "little inconveniences" like:
-- Pike's entire original bridge crew when he was captain of the Enterprise.
-- Dr. Piper as Chief Medical Officer, Gary Mitchell at navigation, and Kelso at the helm from when Kirk was captain in WNMHGB.
-- As mentioned above, Yeoman Rand, who was actually as active a character as any four of the big seven in the first season of TOS.
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