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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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They didn't put in "what they wanted". They put in the "Big 7" regulars from the TV show and the films.
Uh yeah, that's exactly what I mean by them putting in what they wanted. There was no "Big 7" on the TV show, just the movies, and that's what they wanted to do. They had the freedom to change it up a little if they wanted to.

Eliminating Chekov would have raised a terrible ruckus.
I highly doubt that. At the very least, it wouldn't have been any more of a ruckus than the "Chekov is the wrong age" stuff. I would have been perfectly fine if they had waited to put him in a later movie, as I'm sure most would.
And please don't tell me that it makes logical real-world sense that Wesley ended up as part of the "Yesterday's Enterprise" Enterprise-D crew, sitting in the chair next to Data. I'm okay with it, because it is only Star Trek (a fictional story), but it doesn't really make that much sense in reality. It's quite the coincidence.
I think the writers, when they sat down and figured out who should and shouldn't be there, probably at least rationalized it in some way. Probably something like Picard still choosing Dr. Crusher, Wesley still having a fast track to becoming a full officer, and Starfleet being in desperate need of officers straight from the academy. I don't personally buy it that much, but mostly just because I think it probably would have been unlikely for Wesley to even be born.

Obviously to some extent they were going to put in just what they wanted as well. We were unlikely at that stage to get an alternate universe show which only had a couple of the regulars. They probably could have rationalized Troi or Worf as well, but they just decided that it would have stretched credibility too much. It gave the illusion that there were workings to the universe, rather than it appearing like writers are pulling the strings.
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