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Re: Unofficial Spinoffs (TV and Video)

Actually, Downtime was a video spin-off originally. The book came later.

The first one ever was Wartime, about Sergeant Benton on a mission when he meets the ghost of his father or something. (It's been a while.)

Auton was a trilogy of stories with UNIT fighting the Autons.

Mindgame and its follow-up, Mindgame Trilogy are about a human soldier, a Sontaran and a Draconian who get imprisoned together during a space war. The soldier is Sophie Aldred, so you're obviously supposed to think she's Ace.

Then there's a thing called Cyberon, which isn't really related to Doctor Who, but has a sequel called Zygon which clearly is.

There's also a comedy thing with Sylvester McCoy not quite playing the Doctor - called "Do You Have a Licence to Save this Planet?"

Daemos Rising is a sort of sequel to Downtime, as well as featuring the Daemons, and also ties in to the Time Hunter books.

I think that's all of them.
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