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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

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Rob claimed off camera that Chakotay was a native South American Indian, which is not to be confused with all the Spaniards who claim that they're natives.

But then if he is a member of the "Rubber tree people" Tribe, which he is, that makes a lot of sense.

Where in North America do you find a quantity of Rubber trees?

No bloody where.

Rubber Trees are tropical.
teacake wrote: View Post
I think there were some visuals which would point them to South America but I don't recall what (other then the definitely not North American foliage). Which makes the rubbing together with two sticks thing even more dumb as that is not a South American stereotype. I think it ended up a grab bag of cliches to which the word indian was attached.
"Tattoo" places Chakotay's heritage firmly in Central America.

Which is part of North America.

Which has a subtropical climate.

Where there are palm trees & rubber plants.

Hell, there are even native palm trees in California, which is not tropical or subtropical.

Meanwhile, I'll let my Mayan friends know that they aren't real Indians because Australians don't think they are and therefore they are not. They're really Spaniards. Guy decreed that, even though it's painfully obvious that he has no clue as to the demographics of Mexico, Central & South America.
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