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Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

Skin of Evil

To get the big issue out of the way, I have some issues with Tasha being killed off. I know a lot of people didn't like Tasha Yar or Denise Crosby's performance of the character, but the same can be said about any of actors and characters from the first season. And I honestly believe that no one was more disappointed in Tasha Yar's character than Denise herself. Watching Season One on BluRay, it wasn't too hard to see why. Not only was she written as a "shoot first, don't ask questions later" type of person, she never really got to do anything meaningful

Sure, Worf eventually took over her position and the show certainly put him to good use in the later seasons. On the other hand, I always got the feeling that this looked more like an apology by the creative staff for putting a woman in a serious position and rectified it by putting the most manliest male character in all of Star Trek in her position. And things didn't get any better even after that. Season two lost two of the three main female cast members, while the remaining one isn't even wearing a uniform. And what better way to showcase the start of the new and improved season by having her get raped by a star thing and having the replacement female doctor be a contemptuous snot?

Now back to the episode. First and foremost, Ron Jones shines with his work as his music compliments the tension and urgency of the episodes opening. Armus' theme is also nice and catchy. Even in episodes that are mediocre to bad, you can always count on Ron to be the hardest working person in the show.

And I have to give props to whoever came up with Armus. I enjoy a coldhearted villain who does bad things just for the heck of it. No real motive and no real long term goal outside of being an insufferable a**hole. And despite how silly his design might look (Our heroes literally just talk to a puddle), I think his design was very effective. I'd love to see what today's technology would do for his character should he ever come up again.

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