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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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It even makes for a "canon" reason for the crew coming together in the new timeline--an attempt for things to unfold in a roughly analogous, though hardly identical, fashion.
I don't know if it really implies that. If anything, that just sets a precedent for Nero and Spock to have arrived in the same past (when they probably shouldn't have).

I think there are plenty of other examples where this can be deduced though. One that I can remember from DS9 was in "Accession" where the prophets sent a Bajoran back in time, and Kira remembered the guy's book as being unfinished, yet now it clearly was finished. It showed that changes could be made in the past without significantly altering the future, all while the people in the present retained memories of the previous time.

Of course, none of those other examples had anything major like Vulcan imploding. Usually when those would happen, that's when we'd see the alternate universes. The one in "Yesterday's Enterprise" managed to pull the crew together in a similar way, although there were the notable exceptions of Yar/Worf/Troi.

That at least implies that in one version of Trek, time travel was a little bit more deterministic. However, time travel in Star Trek has seldom been consistent, so basically anything goes.
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