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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

A brig for that era should be relatively simple.

I would've simply taken those arches from the TNG brig, made it more narrow (shorten the center beam), added those rods from the ST5 brig (to offer something closer to the movie era) and the rest would simply be a blend of design elements from the TNG brig and the ST6 redress of the transporter room.

Actual use:
Just render the brig as a background plate, then lay the actor green screen layer on top of that and a layer with just the horizontal bars on top of those two. The glow for those bars can then be done in post production.

This way you'd end up with something that feels familiar, yet different and still would only have to invest minimal effort. Wouldn't even feel that much out-of-place because the changed layout would reflect the jailbreak in Final Frontier and since TNG inherited a lot of the movie sets you can usually get away with a lot of common elements.
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