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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

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so having the ability to fire many arrays at the same time is clearly a sign of power
Naah. All beams are not created equal, or a Danube class runabout (with something like half a dozen confirmed and half a dozen suspected phaser emitters) would seriously outgun an Akira (with indeed just three known strips).

The Voyager is a small ship, so odds are that her phasers are also small...

the Uss Defiant survived against a relatively stronger overall vessel like the Neg'hvar or Dominion warships thanks to its speed.
...Which was established to be less than that of other Starfleet vessels!

The Defiant didn't really get hit less than other ship types. She just shrugged off the hits when they fell.

Compared to what? Kirk's old ship was basically immune to a similar rate of fire in "Errand of Mercy". Picard's first Enterprise had her shields fall down to X percent often enough, but basically never had them collapse altogether piecemeal the way the bow and then the ventral shields of the E-E did.

the same for Voyager against relatively stronger vessels.
The Voyager operated against a different set of vessels from any other Starfleet combatant, so comparisons are basically impossible to make.

i also want to add that the Intrepid has multi-spectrum shielding stated in season 6 of Voyager and multi-phasic as well stated in season 2,that type of shielding greatly improved performance in battles.
In what observable way? And what makes you think any old Miranda would not have the exact same sort of shielding?

Timo Saloniemi
I noticed you criticise and refuse the information without giving anything else in return.

Are you implying that a Miranda Class or a Constitution has the same Shields as the Intrepid or Sovereign?!!

ok lets compare the same situations with different type of ships, the older Miranda,Excelsior,Ambassador battled a Borg cube at Wolf 359 and were all destroyed and the cube suffered some damage,their inferior technology was not enough.

In the battle of sector 01 the newer more advanced ships like the Akira,Sovereign etc...were able to hold the line and the Borg cube was extremely damaged even before Picard interfered. The technologically more advanced vessels have better shields and weapons allowing some of them to survive the assault.

don't tell me they have the same shields or tactical power.

The Defiant did avoid most hits it did not shrug anything off,Defensively it an inferior vessel then the Galaxy Intrepid Sovereign Akira. but firepower wise it is extremely powerful superior to some others.
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