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Re: "Enemy Within" - Scotty to blame?

But we learn in this very story that the transporter room isn't what makes or breaks a transporter. A bundle of wires down at (one of the) Engineering room(s) is crucial to all transporter operation! Clearly, we're talking about a centralized system with severe bottlenecks, and this allows us to believe in single or multiple transporter rooms because the effect of these bottleneck failures would be the same on both.

There are also many many script references to "the Transporter Room"
Script references as such don't count for much - they should be considered about as "real" as the fact indicated therein that Kirk is actually an impostor named William Shatner all along. But aired dialogue also refers to "the transporter room" several times. Then again, it also refers to "the shuttlecraft", in singular, even though the ship holds at least two and in TAS is indicated to hold a minimum of six. Or to "the turbolift", of which there may be dozens, and our heroes are infamous for picking unlikely ones when going from A to B, meaning they have to walk significant lengths of corridor at one end or both. It's just the old TV trope of the "floating date", that is, "meet you in Dallas" without mention of exact time or place; the characters are assumed to have unvoiced knowledge of the details.

a single preferred transporter room by the senior staff
And/or perhaps a rotation system, so that the room currently undergoing maintenance would never be considered, and the morning briefing would have established which one it was.

the intent always was for the ship to have a single transporter room
Intent in TOS never amounted to much, as lack of effort with continuity kept shooting it down. What is "real" about TOS, in-universe, is the end result as viewed after the airing of the final episode, with many a thing having gone against the initial wishes of the makers.

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