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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I think we all agree that we "need" the cue sheets.

However, that seems unlikely to happen given statements by one of the producers of the set that they were unable to obtain a license from See-BS to release the cue sheets to us because they are considered internal documents. We can obviously continue to hope that this changes...

We are all aware of the marketing behind this set - the interviews and the videos that suggested it was "perfect" and contained "every note"... is that just sales BS to sell discs or is it actual fact that can proven and tested?

I encourage anyone lurking here on the forum to post your feelings and join the discussion.
We have had several situations crop up where what sounds like a new/missing cue was created editorially, and has been revealed as such.

If there IS something missing, which I personally doubt, it is certainly not intentional.

It's quite possible that IndySolo is well aware of the cue in question in the above discussions, and figured out that it was created editorially.

This is not marketing BS going on here.

These guys are thorough, and this was a true labor of love for all involved.
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