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Re: Anyone have any good reason for ship registry changes?

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Although I cant off the top of my head without a ton of research demonstrate the original Enterprise was a/the Flagship, I'm almost certain that it was stated to be at some point.
It has never been stated the original Enterprise was Starfleet's flagship. Canonically speaking, we only know for sure the Enterprise D and E were the flagships. Also, the NX-01 was said to be the flagship of the Terran Empire's Starfleet in the MU.

Beyond that, we know Captain Picard was often (relatively speaking) given fleet operation control. Heck, as early as season 1, we know Star Fleet would have gladly given him Admiral posting if he were interested in it. I tend to feel like it was writer's flaw not to more strongly advocate on screen his status as a flag officer. Reading between the lines we're usually led to the assumption that Picard is not a Captain, but rather a Fleet Captain. One might be able to infer that Kirk held the same position.
No, Picard is a Captain, as indicated by the four pips he wears on his collar.

If we follow the novels, we know it wasn't for some time till John Harriman was officially promoted to Fleet Captain. We never hear if Captain Garrett holds or is promoted to that position ever, in any media.
Harriman was never a Fleet Captain. According to Memory Beta (a Star Trek wiki which incorporates non-canonical material) he was a Captain at the point he retired in 2311. He apparentally returned to Starfleet at some point and by 2371 was an Admiral.
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