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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

Saw this in the past few days, in 2D

Grade: A

I found the movie to be quite enjoyable. I've read some found the first hour slow. The gathering of the dwarves(whom I'm not going to try and name) at Bilbo's house and them trying to get him along on the quest. Since I'm not overly familiar with those characters I was fine with that part.

It does pick up considerably in action and drama once they leave the Shire though.
I liked the interlude at Rivendale(sp) and the round table conference the "adult" had about this quest. I'm wondering if the Necromancer is tied to Sauron's(sp) eventually fall? I don't recall him being in the book but it's been forever since I read it, I'm likely wrong.

I found the structure to be similar to FotR but the resolution of the film feels like a solid stopping point much better than FotR did I think.
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