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Re: The West Wing now on Netflix

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The best thing they did was skip a year and go to the election. I wish they planned it better so the year didn't just disappear, but most people don't notice that.
I think a lot of fans noticed the missing year, we just didn't care if it meant avoiding another season like the fifth.

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I've been watching donated R2 DVD complete set and quality seems pretty good, esp latter seasons.
My only problem with the DVDs is that season 3 is in anamorphic widescreen, which looks terrible on a widescreen TV. Also, the R2 DVDs have no special features, which is a pity as I would very much like to hear the commentary to Twenty Five. Just what was going through Aaron Sorkin's head, leaving the show with such an insane cliffhanger?
Haha! That's one of the only episodes I listened tout! He's like it's hard leaving in the middle of the story but he had to leave. The job was killing him and pissing NBC off. The thing I really like is his plan had them being Christains and not Muslims. I'm being vague for the newbies. He would connect it more to the season 1 storyline.
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