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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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We are all aware of the marketing behind this set - the interviews and the videos that suggested it was "perfect" and contained "every note"... is that just sales BS to sell discs or is it actual fact that can proven and tested?
Honestly, I don't think these guys would say "every note" if they didn't mean exactly that. Especially when dealing with detail oriented Trekkies. A "nearly every note" would be accepted along with "everything we could find." There are plenty of comprehensive soundtrack box sets out there containing "every surviving cue." Soundtrack buffs are used to that and we would actually rather hear that than bullshit. The guys who produced this set know this and have produced other "almost all cues" sets in the past.

If anything is missing (and I mean underscore, not vocal tracks), it is because they had no information on it ever existing. Apparently they had paperwork backing up the inventory, and they found everything listed. If anything was left out, I'd be shocked. Although, having said that, I'll feel better when that Spock's Brain cue is found elsewhere on the set. I'm having a tough time digging that one up.
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