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Re: First glimpse of new TARDIS control room!

It does seem the same size, but there is decidedly less open floorspace - they are using more of the space they have, but for balconies and whatever's on the lower level.

The 11.1 set could fit the actual police box prop in with ease; I'm pretty sure this one can as well, but with less elbow room around it (the smaller set from "Logopolis" were big enough to house a police box as well). The 9/10 set could hold a whole other console room in it, albeit a very small one that was only marginally larger than a poice box; the 9/10 set has barely enough level floor space anyway as the space around the central dias isn't really meant for people walking around.

The 11.2 set has both upper and lower levels, and I'm hoping that the lower level has some fun stuff we haven't seen yet in a console room. We got to know the 11.1 set fairly well, albeit mostly from the same angles; now that this set can have much more dynamic shots, I'm hopign they will use its strengths to show us much more of it.

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