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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

The Intrepid Class was the Fastest and the most advanced ship,if they deployed it along the Sovereign the war would have been over a lot faster :P.

In First Contact,the Enterprise-E displayed amazing firepower something not rivaled by any other ship,and was also referenced as the most advanced Starship in the Fleet.

In many episodes,to name some ''Flesh and blood'',''Void'',''Dark Frontier'',''Dragons Teeth''...Voyager was seen firing 3 phaser arrays at the same time,Firing 6 torpedoes in 1.5 sec from the fwrd launchers,moving around at speeds of at least 5 times the Galaxy Class...Voyager made circles around a massive Borg tactical Cube many times.

A Fleet of 5 Defiants (for Damage) 3 Intrepids (for Dmg and support) 2 Sovereigns (for fleet command and Tanking) would defeat a far larger fleet with relative ease...considering that both of Voyager and Ent-E had the most durable shields of all the ships of the franchise.
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