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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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As for "The universe needs the Enterprise crew to come together" seen upthread...I *think* that was born out of interviews with Nimoy. I understand the reflexive distaste for those Gaimanesque notions, but i had no problem with it.
Well, we don't have to see that in mystical terms. One could just say that disrupted timestreams tend to correct themselves by making small course corrections. Seems to me that I've seen that concept--that small changes in the timeline tend to sort themselves out--in any number of classic time-travel stories by Poul Anderson or Fritz Leiber or whomever.

Think of it as a purely natural phenomenon. Like a river that returns to its original course even if its path is temporarily diverted . . ..

That is almost, but not quite, like some people's solution to the "Grandfather Paradox".

In this twist to the classic Grandfather Paradox, some people solve the problem outlined in the paradox by saying that EVEN IF you went back in time in an attempt to kill your grandfather, the very fact your grandfather originally lived long enough to sire one of your parents proves that there would be no way that you would succeed in killing him. You would fail every time you tried, because that's the way the timeline was "meant to be".

This "it was meant to be" isn't necessarily a mystic event, as you concur with your post, but rather it is just the way the timeline happens (that he lives) and there is nothing that can change the timeline. The failed attempt on his life by you is just part of the timeline.
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