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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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What I get from this story is that Bond doesn’t care about saving people other than his boss (and BTW, he doesn't actually manage to save anyone in the movie), MI6 is endangering the world more than it’s actually protecting it, and M, who would be completely unlikeable if she weren’t played by Judi Dench, puts MI6 above everything and is ready to sacrifice anyone’s life, except her own.
How odd given that both Bond and M make it clear that they go off on their own to Skyfall because too many other people are dying. They basically paint big targets on themselves then go off to a remote locatiion precisely in order to protect others.
As they should, since Silva was targeting M specifically and was always going after MI6. But less people would have died if, say, M had alerted the Parliament immediately about Silva's incoming attack, the moment her assistant told her (which he must have, unless he's completely, dangerously and idiotically incompetent). Instead, she chooses to hold it back just in order to to give a speech about how MI6 is supposedly needed because of all the dangers out there and ask "Do you feel safe?" just before the attack, endangering the lives of Parliament members, just to make a point. Which is completely moronic and counterproductive if her idea is to show that MI6 is not an old-fashioned dinosaur that the country doesn't need anymore and that it's doing more harm than good.

Which is exactly what it seems to be in this movie. We are apparently supposed to think that the movie has refuted those claim and shown MI6 to be necessary for the protection of the world. But if that was the idea, the movie should have given us another villain, who is not a product of MI6 itself, and who's not furthermore specifically targeting MI6 and endangering others as collateral damage. The whole movie is about how to protect MI6 and M, not how to protect Britain or the world or other people (whom Bond shows no particular interest in saving - e.g. he doesn't try to stop the assassin before he kills his target).

If the greatest thing Bond and M can do for the world at large and for the ordinary bystanders is not further endanger them/get them killed by having their confrontation with Silva out in the open - well, that still does nothing to answer the question that was posed in the movie itself, why the fuck is MI6 needed in the first place?
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