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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

Bearing in mind the purpose with which those jumpsuits were designed for TWOK, not to mention how unreliable NEM should probably be considered, I'm leery of using them as "officer jumpsuits".
The TOS movies never were that consistent with the uniforms to begin with - and every TV show era has featured parallel jumpsuits and "classier" uniforms for officers... The jumpsuits also being worn by the enlisted.

Well, the Stargazer was lost eleven years after the E-C, and her center console featured prominent lettering for "HELM" and "NAV" for the two seats. So either at the time that class of ship, or ships in general had positions as such
Or then this particular ship from the Constellation class was behind the times, while sister ships such as the Hathaway had already received the newer blue-green graphics and the occasional TNG style control pulpit about the same time the E-C was built (refitted?) with such features.

We have seen a great variety of Miranda bridges, with different styles of graphics (among the newer being Sisko's Saratoga, with the Brattain representing intriguing middle ground). Ships from classes already on their way to retirement might skip refits if they are particularly decrepit individuals to start with. Or perhaps exceptionally well aged ones, in such good condition that they don't need a refit to survive the last fifteen years of the career of the class, whereas sister ships have to be modernized if they are to see service until that retirement date...

an era where Starfleet was dealing with extreme budget cuts.
Or slowly edging towards the austere shapes and vast open spaces of the TNG era...

If anything, the late TNG and DS9 eras represented budget cuts, with cramped spaces full of exposed machinery.

If that far forward console was meant to be manned, it'd block the view of the screen.
What screen? I doubt the set actually had one (as the director avoided those shooting angles like plague). The ship, in-universe, may have had a screen that would be easily visible from the CO's throne - or at most blocked to a degree equal to Kirk's TOS screen.

Or maybe the bridge is supposed to be far bigger than the actual set? Imagine those rear consoles and upper level continuing all the way around. It'd be huge.
I do like that idea a lot. The bridge dome is, well, a dome in classic TOS and TOS movie style, and TOS bridges did tend to be circular, in-universe, until the Constellation class introduced the cropped forward part.

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