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^You could have bookmarked this thread. Besides, your post bumped a five year old thread/post. That means you went went and looked at old posts with the search engine or changed the settings to displaying all posts up to around 2007.

Sandoval... might have the tendency to post like this, but he does have a point. Nobody replied five years ago. And the OP hasn't been around for four years now. Going back five years, you must have passed over a lot of fan fics, including many Fan Fics about Worf. Many of them probably is better than this one.

P.S. I suggest not telling someone to shut up or the Mods would keep an eye on you more closely
I just came back to this board after a number of years, and didn't always go to this section. I remembered this story. I lost track of it after this one. Most of the rest were either lost or I actually looked on my comments. This is just an explanation, not an apology. To apologize is to acknowledge I'm wrong, and I don't. Let the Mods look all they want. I have NOTHING to hide. I've seen alot worse, and they're still here.
"Great men do not seek power, they have power thrust upon them" Worf, son of Mogh after he killed Gowron, and gave the chancellorship to Martok.
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