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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I've only seen the latest one in theaters. I was a combination of being too young and having parents who didn't like seeing movies in theaters.
I was ten when TUC came out and was so very excited to see it on the big screen. My nitpicky ten-year-old-brain was irritated by the reuse of the TNG warp core and transporter room but I really loved the final battle sequence and the uncharacteristic score from Cliff Eidelman. It remains my favourite movie featuring the original cast.

I like the arc of Kirk's character from TOS through TWOK, TSFS and TUC. Seeing him used up and embittered really felt real and right: an old man weighed down by all the sacrifices he made for 'king and country.'
I had a ten year old corn on my right foot when TUC came out. My wife still laughs about how I teared up at the end of that movie.

The way each character was allowed to age and change throughout the movies was one of the interconnected beauties of all of them. The entire "family" idea that Abrams stresses didn't come from TOS. That feeling developed in the movies.

At the end of TUC, I'm not sure Kirk finds himself embittered so much as he realizes the irony of how the final major success of his career (or at least the military part of it) was about contributing to making himself and the Cold War atmosphere he thrived in obsolete. After all, only Nixon could go to China.
You tell your wife I said there's nothing wrong with crying at the end of TUC damnit!!

As for "The universe needs the Enterprise crew to come together" seen upthread...I *think* that was born out of interviews with Nimoy. I understand the reflexive distaste for those Gaimanesque notions, but i had no problem with it.
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