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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I agree with Christopher: from interactions with Neil here and what we've seen in the many interviews about this set, it is impossible to believe that a cue was recorded for TOS, and not included.
Well, "impossible" is an overstatement. It's just very, very improbable. Which is why belief, one way or the other, is meaningless to a question of fact. What we need are actual data. We need to hear from Neil or one of the other people who worked with the original recordings and cue sheets and can give us solid answers based on the source material itself.

But that does not mean that the cue you are hearing would be in the set. I find it very easy to believe that the music editor(s) would graft a couple cues together to make what sounds like a new cue.

An example of what I'm thinking of is in The Omega Glory, during the sequence while Kirk and Tracy are fighting in the tent. Spock mentally hexes the girl into opening the communicator. They overdub the Amok Time Ritual Battle music with another Vulcan cue from Amok Time (Contrary Order?), to create what sounds like a new multi-melody cue. That specialized cue is not in the set (I don't think??); but it's probably just a music editor's creation, not something that was recorded that way.
Another example is the cue that ends the teaser of "Tomorrow is Yesterday," when we first see the Enterprise in Earth's atmosphere. It's actually a cue from "The Enemy Within" (the final one, I believe) with a couple of bars cut out, yet it works so well that it feels like a distinct cue of its own.

I don't own recordings of those two episodes. Is there a place I can watch them online? No longer at CBS, it seems. Doesn't seem to work at either.
They're all available for streaming from Netflix.
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