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Watched it yesterday for the heck of it.
I think the most reality-stretching thing in the whole episode is Uhura's reeducation after being wiped clean.

While Christine is teaching her first grade reading, Uhura gets frustrated and "reverts" to Swahili. She was a blank slate, when the hell did she relearn Swahili?!

Then by the end of the episode (less than a day?) she's "back up to college level."
Really!? Wow! Chapel's one hell of a teacher!

And they expect her back at her post soon.
Guess it isn't that hard to cram a full Academy communications specialty into her head after all that, eh?

Aaaaand next episode she's perfectly back to normal.
It would have been funny if they'd had her continue to mispronounce "Blue" as "Blooey" for the rest of the season.
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