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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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As for the balloon, I did notice it and guessed it's purpose, but had no idea where it stops or gets close enough for you to jump on and wasn't about to spend an hour blindly following it around in order to find out.
I was going to do the balloon ride yesterday, but got to the pick-up point about 30s too late. So I went and killed some cyborg zombies instead. Whizzer is right about that quest being fun.

I'm definitely going to miss Tatooine once I finish up the bonus missions. Environment makes such a difference to enjoyment of a planet. Nar Shadda was just too claustrophobic to be really fun, despite some interesting quests (except when riding the speeders through the city from one point to another). But it sounds like Alderaan looks good too, so I'm looking forward to seeing that.

I will say, the quickbar restriction is starting to bug me now. I've had to discard some useful abilities because I just don't have room for them there, and other things (like relics) are slightly annoying to use. I'm enjoying the game a lot, though. Enough that I think I'll end up buying something from the shop to unlock the extra 2 preferred status quickbars at some point.
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