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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

Bearing in mind the purpose with which those jumpsuits were designed for TWOK, not to mention how unreliable NEM should probably be considered, I'm leery of using them as "officer jumpsuits".

I have no problem with considering the two consoles to be an amalgam of helm/nav on one side plus tactical on the other; and then the forward console could be just about anything -- after all, the rear console on the Ent-B looked like a helm/nav station, but we know it wasn't I'm inclined to think of it simply as a multipurpose station reconfigurable for "guest civvie of the week" to make use of.

(FWIW though, I usually consider the set we saw to be an auxiliary control centre -- since to be quite frank, it was cr^p! I much prefer seanr's CGI take on the main bridge, although sadly he's never gotten round to finishing it)
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