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Re: Who cleans up everyone's quarters after each space battle?

I had thought about this a great deal in the past.

I've always worked under and expanded under the idea that many items have built in miniature gravity stabilizers or surfaces that help keep things on it.

There's two points that I've considered give us some helpful information that makes this possible. We know from "A Matter of Time" that devices on the future can be charged wirelessly and we know from DS9 that "gravity netting" is pretty readily available.

I've generally assumed that most items in the TNG era are capable of affixing on through the manipulation of gravity technology and can then intelligently and intuitively be moved.

Things that aren't too practical to have the technology built in, such as antiques or cups would be affixed by a sort of gravity netting build directly into the surface it sits on, such as tables.

I think applying this sort of explanation accounts for almost all such situations with still allowing for someone like Chakote to occasionally have a messy room (dishes and clothing sprawled around).
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