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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

You gave us a big chunk of story in order to wrap this up. Lot's of great stuff here, most notably of course the absolutely awesome time-travel ending. I love stories that end on an a-ha moment and I love time travel stories (just finished watching Looper. What a trip). The realization that this polaric ion device came to these people via the future and as a direct consequence of a battle between the Tholians and Erickson was just a terrific, mind-bending and fully satisfactory ending to this great tale.

Of course as you do in Dark Territory, you refrained from giving us neat solutions to all your plot lines, such as Andraste's escape and Donar's pledge to find her again and presumably bring her to justice. One wonders if he'd be more successful at this next time around though. Clearly the man still has certain feelings for his ex-wife and I liked how you brought Rojas back into the mix, just to complicate matters a little further.

Norrborn and Donar seem to have made peace with each other, which is good to see and I'm also happy that Redfeather survived and gave Donar her blessing, reaffirming perhaps that his journey from super-solider to Starfleet officer may at last be complete.

People mentioning Glover and his change since his imprisonment by Romulans gives me hope that we'll return to learn more about the goings-on of DT's most hated/beloved character in the not to distant future.

Awesome story, Darkush. So what's next? I remember at least two outstanding stories of yours which I'd really love to continue reading.
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