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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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Here's my guilty one-time admission: I once took a rock from a famous archeological site that was being reconstructed from the rubble I had taken a piece of as a "souvenir." When I mentioned this casually to my best friend one day, who is an archeologist, he chewed my head off. I uh...should probably return it someday.

My general confession: I put the toilet paper on the holder the way everyone hates (the roll starting from behind and under). I do this all the time. But I absolutely never do it on purpose; I just grab the TP out of the bag and stick it on the holder however it came out!

The guilty part is that when I notice I've done it again and that everyone hates it that way, I don't bother to change it.

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I poop too much.
Do you then bill the client for it?
Only if I'm at the office. However, I load the TP the correct way.

I always thought it was interesting when I would do a septic system design. I'm literally making money off of the hot, steamy dump you just took.

Speaking of stealing rocks: I went to the Petrified Forest in AZ a few years back. They've got a major issue of people poaching the petrified wood and selling it as souvenirs. It's the only national park I've been to where the rangers are armed and they do aerial surveillance.
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